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How to protect your forecourt during the summer months


Everyone seems to become a little more carefree during the summer months, and this is great news… if you’re a criminal. Many companies will have their resources stretched to the limit as staff take advantage of their annual leave allocation by venturing overseas. Whether you’re relying on other team members to take up the slack or you’ve decided to bring in some temporary cover, there’s a strong chance that security standards will slip.


Smaller businesses, such as forecourts, are more susceptible to theft if they don’t have the right security measures. Government research found that businesses with fewer than 10 employees are less likely to have adequate security measures in place when compared to larger businesses. Smaller businesses spend around £300 on non-IT security, rising to around £15,000 for businesses with more than 50 employees, the Government statistics also revealed.


With this in mind, forecourt owners should not be afraid of spending more on their security measures to ensure that their business is protected during the summer months. Here are 5 ways that business owners can protect their livelihood.


Construct a secure fence


Surrounding your premises with a high-quality fence is a simple way to increase protection and enhance your own peace of mind that your business is safe. Constructing a palisade fence around the outside of your forecourt is the best way to make it secure, as it is manufactured from heavy duty steel. Include a palisade gate which you can manually open and secure for when you want customers to come in and out. As some garages have 24-hour fuel pumps it may not be practical for a fence to fit around the entire vicinity, however you could erect a barrier around the back area of the forecourt to protect the staff entrance from intruders. 




Install CCTV surveillance systems to prevent potential intruders. The majority of offenders would be deterred if they knew their every move was being filmed by a security camera, especially if they believed the footage was being watched by a security guard. If the worst does occur and you do fall victim to a crime, then at least the cameras will monitor the scene so you have evidence of the crime. Position the cameras in places that will be visible to intruders but not easily accessible for them to cover them up.


Install extra lighting to prevent crime


On a similar note, people are much less likely to commit a crime if they believe they are being watched. Installing bright flood lights that automatically switch on when movement is detected is a great way to keep your premises safe after dark. Automatic movement detectors are an energy-conscious alternative than leave a bright light on all night, as they won’t waste any unnecessary electricity.


Update your alarm system


Alarms are the obvious choice for full security, but could your alarm system be improved? Do you have motion sensors or will the alarm only set off once a door has been broken into? Does your alarm automatically inform the police or is it simply a deterring factor? If you are unsure about the answers to any of these questions then it may be time to rethink your alarm system. Speak to the specialists and discover whether a new alarm system would be beneficial for your forecourt while you are away.


Security signs in the window


Intimidation is a strong word, but it is often the key to prevention. Signs that state that you have extra security systems, such as CCTV and an alarm, will discourage potential intruders from trespassing. Display these clearly around the forecourt area.


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