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  1. Never leave the young, elderly or vulnerable person alone in a car. Even with the window left open the temperature inside the car can end up being double the outside temperature.


  1. Even with a sun-visor and window open, you should not leave your pet locked in a vehicle. As with children, dogs can suffer from heatstroke, which leaves them unable to cool themselves, and can be fatal.


  1. Always check the temperature of your children’s car seat. The uncovered buckles of car seats can reach such high temperatures they can cause second degree burns to young children.


  1. Dehydration is as deadly as alcohol. Severe symptoms can cause dizziness, fainting and pose a risk to drivers. During summer there is a 146% increase in driver errors due to dehydration.


As well as personal safety and health, LeasePlan also has simple tips to keep your car summer fit:


  1. Check your tyres regularly, as the day and road heats up so does the air in your tyres. Put a reminder on your phone to check pressures.


  1. Avoid overheating and damaging your engine by checking your car fluids are at the correct level. If the liquid doesn’t reach the full line on the coolant reservoir, add a 50/50 mix of water and coolant until it does.


  1. If your car battery was changed longer than 5 years ago, make sure it is replaced or tested as the heat takes a heavy toll on batteries.  


  1. In case of a breakdown, be sure to have an emergency kit in your car that includes items such as water bottle, warning triangle, jump leads as well as a reflective emergency blanket that can be used for shade.


  1. Read your vehicle service schedule - and stick to it – in extreme heat belts and hoses, which provide air-conditioning, can crack and blister. And pay close attention to engine warning lights.


Matt Dyer, Managing Director at LeasePlan UK has commented;


“The hot summer weather can bring a lot of potential unseen hazards to drivers and their passengers. It’s crucial for drivers to be aware of the temperatures of the inside of your car, it can be almost double the outside temperature even left under the shade, which can be fatal to dogs and children.


As long as drivers are aware and vigilant with their regular maintenance and checks, they should have no additional worries and be able to enjoy the summer without any avoidable events”


About LeasePlan


LeasePlan UK, a member of LeasePlan Corporation NV Group, is part of the world’s leading fleet and vehicle management company. The group operates a fleet of approximately more than 1.7 million vehicles in over 30 countries and provides leasing and fleet management solutions in 32 countries.

LeasePlan UK was established in 1979, and now operates a UK serviced fleet in excess of 185,000 vehicles (including over 57,000 commercial vehicles). LeasePlan UK provides dedicated services to specific market segments through its four brands – LeasePlan (corporations), LeasePlan Go (SME), Network (Franchisees) and Automotive Leasing (public sector).

(corporations), LeasePlan Go (SME), Network (Franchisees) and Automotive Leasing (public sector).

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